Premixed BIRTHDAY CAKE 8 oz Gloss Base
Premixed BIRTHDAY CAKE 8 oz Gloss Base
Candy Ice Couture

Premixed BIRTHDAY CAKE 8 oz Gloss Base

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Pre made 8 oz gloss jars and pouches ready for your beauty business mixed just right! They fill up to 30-40 tubes depending on the tubes that you use! All or our bases are vegan and cruelty free! 🌱 You can add extra oil and colorants for your desired consistency and color! Please keep in mind that the Candy Clear Gloss Base is a thicker consistency than our usual clear glosses to give you room to add your own oils to the mix but the mixture is just fine for if you want to directly use it as your clear gloss! If you want to thin it out more, we recommend using COCONUT OIL to keep it’s clear color! Depending on the coconut oil that you use, cloudiness may appear!


Not sure which one you may prefer?

For the jar you may pour it out or remove the gloss with a mixing spoon!

For the pouch you only have to squeeze the gloss out! It is less messier!