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From our home base in Spartanburg, South Carolina, Candy Ice Couture is known for delivering natural, vegan, cruelty free homemade products around the world. Candy Ice Couture has now grown into a full blown business full of many goodies! Not only do we have cosmetics, but also make accessories and fashion!


CANDY ICE COUTURE products are not only beautiful and delicious looking but each item is made with love from the hands of the very own CEO Tyya Brown! Tyya has been a cosmetologist for over 10 years and has a Fashion Marketing Degree! She truly loves beauty and fashion and loves to show her passion through Candy Ice Couture!

In 2018, her son inspired her to create her own products due to the sensitivity of his skin. She realized that many commercial products and brands were filled with many toxins and she made it her duty to created clean products that she could trust for her and her family! She then decided to go ahead and use her creativity and passion to make products for people all over the world to enjoy as well! She now has a wide range of products for everyone to enjoy! So go ahead and treat yourself! 

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