I created TYYA BEAUTY also known as Candy Ice Couture to help me and my family with our sensitive skin. My son inspired me with his eczema skin (it's now so much better) to dig deeper into natural ingredients that would work best for not only his skin but also mine. I've always been into natural skincare since I was a little girl in middle school. I realized that many commercial products and brands were filled with many toxins and I made it my duty to create clean products that I could trust for me and my family! I decided to make it a business and move forward with it in 2018 as I know that many other people are also searching for safe vegan and cruelty free products with nontoxic ingredients in them to help them with their problematic skin! Now with TYYA BEAUTY you can relaxed and breath as all of my products have ingredients in them that are safe for you and your family to use as I have researched each ingredient for each product!